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About Us

BoiFor is a company working in the field of forestry (lumber, OSB, Bio Energy, 2nd transformation) with over 25 years experience.

BoiFor offers many types of machinery, Rawlings hogs, Edem vibrating conveyors, Wagner moisture detectors and meters, MDI metal detectors.  We also offer reconditioned used equipment, including Nicholson debarker and Rawlings hogs throughout North America.


When Maritonex closed in 2009, David Marion and Marc Lepage took the decision to insure the continuity of the company activities in forming a new enterprise:  BoiFor Equipment Inc.

While keeping the same products:  Wagner moisture meters, Rawlings hogs, MDI metal detector, Edem vibrant conveyors, BoiFor Equipments manufactures a great majority of their parts required for high speed debarkers.  And more, BoiFor offers a vast sort of used Nicholson debarkers, Rawlings hogs or rebuilt as per the highest standards as to offer the best solution at the lowest cost.

BoiFor Equipments concentrates his energy in Eastern Canada and US.  The Western part of Canada is the next step.

The expenses in R & D allow us to offer high performance parts.   We listen to our customers and it is our mission to help our customers to reach their goals.

Our network of partners merged to our low profits, allow us to submit the best price on the market.  Since our arrival, the average cost for high speed debarkers have reduced 30%.    Our competitors do not have a choice but to follow our leadership to the great joy of the sawmill industry especially during these hard economic periods.

You appreciate working with proud, dedicated and professional people searching solutions to your projects and goals… BoiFor is a team with experience with employee ready to help you.